I am the bearded husband of one woman and the powerful father of four children.

I am interested in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. I am interested in wine-colored Presbyterianism. I am interested in empowering beer-lovers everywhere. I am interested in good cigars. I am interested in the history of smuggling. I am interested in the banjo. I am interested in seeing what beers my sons will end up preferring. I am interested in the science of porch-sitting. I am interested in the crossover to the left hand. I am interested in life as aesthetic. I am interested in pick-up tackle football. I am interested in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

Here I discuss the human arts. My particular areas of manly expertise include, but are not limited to, the drinking of beer, the smoking of pipes, the playing of rugby, the recitation of poetry, the raising of children, and the loving of women.

Also, I am into the making of lists and the creation of litanies.


8 comments on “About

  1. jon glenn says:

    Joffre, I enjoyed browsing your archives just now. Hard to believe i couldn’t find a picture of Sebastien Chabal, though!

  2. Cody D. says:

    I’ve been enjoying the blog. I was just curious, what sort of poetry do you enjoy? More contemporary or older eras? Personally, I’m a sucker for the Beats as well as a few contemporary poets like Billy Collins and Todd Boss. Cheers, friend.

    • Joffre says:

      Not a huge fan of the beats, but I love Billy Collins. I generally prefer modern stuff, I’ve been reading Eliot, Hopkins, Merton, Borges, and Neruda the most recently.

  3. Hilton says:

    And what does Truth, Beauty and Goodness have to do with Christianity, Mr. Douglas Wilson?

    Have a good day, sir.

  4. Truly sorry you’ve ended up this way, Joffre. I remember you well from Bucer’s, and I have to say you’ve taken masculine bluster to a point even beyond that of your pompously patriarchal former Pastor, Doug Wilson. Really, now. Perhaps a gentle, feminine warning that we are saved by the humanity and not the masculinity of the Lord Jesus would be in order. By the way, I dearly love my thickly bearded husband, but I shudder that his facial hair would take on such an important role in either of our lives. Methinks thou doest protesteth too much, and I fear for your sons if they end up not drinking beer, not growing beards, or, God forbid, taking Gal. 5 seriously.

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