Be A Featured Pipe Smoker

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Want to be a Featured Pipe Smoker? Send me an email with a photo of you or your favorite historic pipe smoker, and answer the questions below.

Featured Pipe Smoker

Full name/incomplete name/pseudonym/some sort of moniker:


Location (must be vague, nothing more specific than state or large city will be published):


Years smoking a pipe:

Favorite blends:

Favorite pipe(s):

Favorite pipe smoker (not yourself!):

What’s the best part of smoking a pipe?

What’s manly about smoking a pipe?

How did you start smoking a pipe?

What was your most interesting/funniest/compelling/whatever moment as a pipesmoker?

Miscellania you’d like to add:


2 comments on “Be A Featured Pipe Smoker

  1. Yavuz says:

    Wonderful Blog..
    Was fun reading yr articles.
    I am owner of Storient Meerschaums and would love to add your link to my web page :
    to my blog sections to be announced soon.

  2. pipelighter says:

    I find your posts interesting. I look forward to reading more and conversing/commenting. I call myself a “recovering fundamentalist” (but more on that another time). You may find my blog post interesting, The Contemplative Practice of Pipe Smoking . If so, give it a read.

    Thanks for your posts!

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