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13 comments on “Contact

  1. James says:

    Hey Joffre,

    Ive been following your youtube videos for a while now, stumbled on them while browsing the pipe community. I like your style man. Good content.

    Check out my blog, I review craft beers with my cousin. Ive noticed you enjoy some good beers. It would be awesome to get a shout out.

    Keep doing your thing.



  2. p.e.duffy says:

    Grest site, great vids, can you advise what pipe that you did the reveue on Christmas Cher on, brand shape number, etc, thanks and keep up the guud work…P.e.Duffy

  3. Don says:

    Hey Joffre,
    I have been new to your channel and I’m sold I love it. I would like to know how would one smoke unsliced tobacco, and the proper cut. I like to call it the rope form. Also is cake tobacco and cubed tobacco packed in my pipe in the same fashion. Do you have or know much about JM Boswell pipes? I have been to their site and gained good information but with the market flooded with different companies I would like to add to my collection.

    Thanks for your time

    Don F (USMCR)

    • Thanks, always good to hear feedback! (Always good to hear praise!)

      When it comes to rope tobacco you can be adventurous and cut a plug to put in your pipe. Or, preferably, you can cut a bunch of “coins” then dice those before putting them in pipe.

      I don’t have any Boswells, although several friends do, they’re quality pipes. What other pipes are you looking at?

  4. Thomas says:

    hi, joffre, i’ve got a question for you. could you tell me what is the length of your churchwarden, which u featured in this video, cause i’m about to buy my own churchwarden and i’m not sure about the length. btw i love your blog and vids. keep up and good luck.

  5. Guga says:

    Hi Joffre!
    Being a christian, a Brazilian and a rugby player myself, I really enjoy reading your blog. Started reading because of the “Giant Male Virgin” post that I first read on a brazilian blog. Just wanted to ask you if the “Kiwi” guy post was the last one, since you said it would have two more!
    nice pic above hehe, tnks

  6. Guga says:

    Sou de Ribeirão Preto e estudo em São Carlos….SJ Campos foi campeão Paulista e Brasileiro ano passado, tem equipes com todas as idades, não tenho certeza mas acho q já fui massacrado por eles em um juvenil em 2006 hehe.

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